Nugget of Wisdom From Rahul Gandhi: PM Modi Is A Cellphone On Flight Mode

Taking a jibe at PM Modi's frequent foreign travels, Gandhi likened Modi with a mobile phone's aeroplane mode

It’s election time and with each passing day, the war of words are just getting sharper and wittier. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi are leading this trend.

On Saturday, PM Modi while campaigning in Karnataka mounted a scathing attack on the Congress over corruption. He said:

“After 15 May (when poll results will be declared), Indian National Congress will be reduced to ‘PPP Congress’– P for Punjab, P for Puducherry, and P for Parivar (family).”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Source: The Indian Express

Predictably, Modi’s remarks evoked a barrage of criticism from the Congress. However, Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah chose to give it back to Modi the ‘PPP-way.’

“Dear Modiji, heard you spun a new abbreviation ‘PPP’ today. Sir, we have always championed the 3 Ps of democracy — ‘Of the People, By the People, For the People’,” Siddaramaiah said in a tweet shortly after Modi’s attack.

“While your party is a ‘Prison’, ‘Price Rise’ & ‘Pakoda’ party. Am I right, Sir? #NijaHeliModi,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi

Congress President | Source: The Indian Express

But Congress was not done. On Monday, it was the turn of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Taking a jibe at PM Modi’s frequent foreign travels, Gandhi likened Modi with a mobile phone’s aeroplane mode.

“There are 3 modes in a mobile phone, work mode, speaker mode and airplane mode. Modiji only uses speaker mode and airplane mode, he never uses work mode,” the Congress president told reporters in Bengaluru.

(With inputs from ANI and PTI)