With No Ambulance, Pregnant Woman's Family Carries Her To Hospital On A Cot

This woman from Madhya Pradesh was carried in a cot to the hospital in the absence of an ambulance

In a testament to the abysmal state of affairs unleashed upon states during monsoon, a pregnant woman, going through intense labour pains, in Madhya Pradesh was hospitalised in a cot carried by four men. With no ambulance services, heavy rainfall and a flooded street, the woman’s family resorted to carrying the woman to the hospital through the waist-deep water.

Severe water-logging in the region was part of the reason why an ambulance service could not reach the pregnant lady. The family of the woman claimed to have called the ambulance helpline number, 108, which failed to respond in time. They even tried to contact the hospital authorities to send an ambulance at the earliest, but the vehicle could not reach the village due to heavy waterlogging in the neighbouring streets.

According to a report by NDTV, Dr Ravi Rawat of Prithvipur District Hospital said,

I was not aware of this incident. Hence, I’ll be able to tell you anything only after checking with the concerned authorities.

A video of the incident began to be circulated on social media, resulting in widespread criticism due to the lack of healthcare services in the state.  The video shows the women covered with a blue tarpaulin as she is slowly carried through the flooded street.

The flood situation is only going to worsen, creating problems in the day to day lives, as the forecast predicts heavy rainfall across India in the coming days.