Pooja Replied! Jamia Website Hacked Thrice In 24 Hrs, Twitterati Facepalm At Breach

It remains to be seen how the varsity makes sure another incident doesn't happen

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a stalker’s paradise. The website of Jamia Milia Islamia University has been hacked thrice within 24 hours. Even if one could brush aside the first episode of hacking as an innocent prank, the second and third breach raises the question of serious security loopholes.

While the first message was a birthday wish for someone named Pooja, the second message was supposedly a response from the girl. “Sorry. I have a boyfriend,” the message said. While this may have drawn quite a few laughs, the third message which said, “Stuck by Faisal 1337”, “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Your Website Stamped By & Pak Cyber Attackers Team”. “Security is just an illusion”, finally jolted most people into realising the security concern that comes with such a breach.

No group has claimed responsibility for the hacking and the website has been restored right after all the episodes. Incidents like this one are fodder for memes and incessant trolling, so Twitter did what it does best. One went as far as to pre-empt the girl’s response.

After the first episode of hacking, the varsity’s media coordinator Saima Saeed told PTI, “It is unfortunate that someone plays such pranks to send personalised messages. We would be taking this issue seriously. There would be a meeting and we will decide future course of action.” However, it remains to be seen how they make sure a fourth incident doesn’t lurk in the offing.