Watch: How to vote for Delhi MCD elections and what are the REAL issues

The addition of AAP and the new political party Swaraj Abhiyan along with BJP, INC, JD(U) and BSP will add more drama to the Delhi MCD Elections

The high-frequency radio ads and hoardings by the political parties to lure the voters are a constant reminder of the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi will go to polls on Sunday, April 23, 2017.

These elections are no less exciting than the ones that took place in February 2015, when Delhiites stepped out in the majority to vote for Arvind Kejriwal and gave his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) an absolute victory in the Delhi Assembly – with 67 of 70 seats. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Modi Wave” could not help him win the David vs Goliath fight.

While these civic body polls will be a half-yearly report card for the Aam Aadmi Party, they are also a prestige issue for BJP who has winning these polls since last 10 years and are looking for a third consecutive term. As for Congress, well, it looks forward to winning its lost glory in the national capital.

It will be seen that who has managed to impress the Delhites and who has failed when the results will be out on April 26, 2017.

However, the addition of AAP and the new political party Swaraj Abhiyan led by Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan along with BJP, INC, JD(U) and BSP will add more drama to the polls.

So while you get ready to vote on Sunday, let’s explain you a bit about these polls, the breakdown of the governing bodies and who handles what!

Delhi is governed by three municipal corporation bodies:

  1. New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC)- which comes directly under the Centre. No elections are held to this council and its members are nominated by the Centre in consultation with the state government
  2. Delhi Cantonment Board (DCB)- which comes under the Ministry of Defence. In
  3. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)- which initially reported directly to the Centre through the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

However, In 2012, the MCD was further trifurcated into 3 bodies, namely North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, East Delhi Municipal Corporation. Directorate of Local Bodies which was constituted in 2011 coordinates between them and the Delhi government.

Prior to its trifurcation, the MCD had 272 wards – four in each of the 68 assembly segments. After the trifurcation, North DMC and South DMC were given 104 wards each while the East DMC covered 64.

Do these multiple authorities create a problem in the proper functioning of the municipal corporation bodies?
Well, although the roles of both the Centre and the Delhi government are pretty much well defined, the political differences of the parties often interfere in their functioning, gets overlapped and cause chaos.

So, here’s the complete breakdown of what falls under who!

Education: While BJP handles Primary Schools, AAP looks after Middle & Secondary Schools, Higher Education
Health: BJP is responsible for Health Dispensaries and Bigger Hospitals. AAP is responsible for Mohalla Clinics
and Smaller Hospitals
Transportation: BJP looks after the license for Cycle Rickshaw and hand-pulled carts. AAP is responsible for Motorized vehicles, buses, taxis, cars, Delhi Metro (in cooperation with the Centre Government)
Roads: BJP in Delhi looks out for Road and over bridge and AAP looks after the roads wider than 60 feet
Taxes: BJP collects Property and Professional and AAP collects Value added taxes

While these following departments and their maintenance fall directly under the MCD i.e. BJP for now:
Water Supply
Drainage system
Maintaining Markets, Public places, Parks, Parking lots, Street Lighting and even Cremation Grounds
Solid Waste Management
Toll tax collection system
Birth & Death records of the residents

So, next time when the street light in your area doesn’t work or the roads are filled with potholes, you know whom to blame and whom not to.
We also hope that we have helped you in making your choice for the polls.
Go vote on Sunday!

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