Valentine's Day 2017: Kanhaiya Kumar gets talking about love, Tinder and consent in marriage

He makes a very important point about consent in marriage. Why should women be the lesser partner in a marriage?

“If you love someone passionately, you would never suffer the pain of heartbreak. You can love the moon, but don’t expect it to be your possession. It’s only when you want ownership of the person you love that you suffer the pain of heartbreak.”

These lines weren’t spoken by some love guru, or aren’t picked up from some romantic film or novel. This was what ex-JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar, who spent a little more than a fortnight in jail on the charges of sedition last year said about love and heartbreak.

Our intention wasn’t to get the love guru out of the proven ‘anti-national’ of JNU. We caught up with him on several important issues, about his book and his journey since the fateful day of February 9 that changed the course of his life and brought him to the limelight. We spoke to him about his political ideology, Left politics and whether he sees a future in politics.  But isn’t the way we love and who we choose to marry or date very much a part of our political ideologies and personalities. Surely, at a time when support for Trump is breaking marriages, our love lives are equally dictated by our political leanings.

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Thus, came the question of love. And we must admit Kanhaiya was sharp, witty and very insightful in his answers. He makes a very important point about consent in marriage. Why should women be the lesser partner in a marriage? He calls for immediate amendments in the “social bondage” that marriage is, to make it a more gender sensitive relationship where the sentiments of both the partners are taken care of.

Well, well. Now before you leave the article thinking why are we talking about equality, justice and women’s rights on V-day, we have some nuggets hidden for you. We got Kanhaiya talking about Tinder. Since the leftist lad doesn’t use a smartphone, he doesn’t use Tinder. But he has an interesting reason for that. “I know what Tinder is, but JNU students don’t need Tinder.” Love stories are often scripted in the protest rallies organised by the students, it seems. He says there is enough scope for people from the opposite sex to strike meaningful, close friendship. Which is so much better than the hollow hook-up culture promoted by those on Tinder.

Watch the interview here: