To revive Congress' floundering fortunes, is Rahul Gandhi 'copying' Arvind Kejriwal?

Rahul Gandhi is now trying to lead from the front to boost the morale of the party workers and shed his image of a 'shehzada'.

After he ‘failed’ to make a mark in the Indian politics, it seems that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has decided to follow the footsteps of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Though Rahul had even acknowledged Kejriwal’s strategy the day AAP won 27 of the 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly elections as a debutant, it has been seen in recent times that the Congress vice-president has ‘copied’ Kejriwal to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for reviving the floundering fortunes of the grand old party of India.

Here’s how Rahul is following Kejriwal:

Levelling allegations

Ever since PM Modi announced the demonetisation move, opposition parties have been targeting the BJP over its implementation and the problems people are facing due to this move. Kejriwal had alleged that while PM Modi professes to have declared war on tax evasion and corruption, documents seized in a tax raid implicate Modi for taking a bribe of Rs 12 crore while he was the chief minister of Gujarat.

Last month, Kejriwal had also made another allegation against the PM and had claimed that I-T officials raided Sahara premises on 22 November, 2014 and recovered over Rs 130 crore in cash.

(Courtesy: Youtube/IANSvideos)

The Delhi CM alleged that the officials also found some papers that showed several politicians including PM Modi were paid bribes to the tune of Rs 400-Rs 500 crore.

‘Copying’ Kejriwal, Rahul on December 21 said the same thing and alleged that the Income Tax department raided Sahara on November 22, 2014 and found documents showing the company had bribed the PM nine times in a span of six months.

(Courtesy: Youtube/India Today)

Coming out on the streets

Earlier, Rahul was not seen on the streets, he was confined to his residence or the party office, however, taking a cue from Kejriwal, who played the “protester CM”, Rahul can now be seen on the streets more often.

He took to the streets after Kejriwal raked up the issue of suicide over OROP. He also stood in queues outside the ATMs following demonetisation, it seems that Rahul is now trying to lead from the front to boost the morale of the party workers and shed his image of a ‘shehzada’.

(Courtesy: YouTube/Update News Network)

Working for the ‘aam aadmi’

Kejriwal has always taken up the issues concerning the common man. In his new avatar, Rahul Gandhi, very much like Kejriwal, has been fighting for the farmers (Kisan Yatra UP), standing in long queues to withdraw money from the ATMs to feel the pain of the common man post demonetisation.

(Courtesy: Youtube/Aaj Ki Khabar)