Smriti Irani is right. Rahul Gandhi has no moral right to lecture PM Modi on respect toward Manmohan Singh

Union Minister Smriti Irani called out Rahul Gandhi for attacking PM Modi, saying that Gandhi himself had criticised Manmohan Singh in the past.

Remember that one time during previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s tenure when Rahul Gandhi acted like a real brat and threatened to rip an ordinance on corrupt politicians during a press conference, much to the shock of more experienced colleague Ajay Maken who was sitting right next to him. It was Sept 27, 2013 at the Delhi Press Club and the unpopular government ordinance sought to shield corrupt politicians. Gandhi, however, took everyone, including those in his own party, by surprise by criticising the government proposal, an incident that also made him the butt of jokes among opposition parties.

Turns out our current textiles minister Smriti Irani remembers every bit of that episode. And she came back at Rahul Gandhi for his behaviour back then, commenting that the Congress vice-president was no moral authority on showing respect to Manmohan Singh when he himself had defied his own government’s line in the past.


(Source: Twitter/Smriti Irani)

Singh was put at the centre of a scathing attack by Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. The Prime Minister took a veiled dig on Singh during his speech in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, hinting that the previous PM had largely avoided being embroiled in corruption scandals despite leading a coalition whose ministers had been accused of carrying out some of the biggest scams in India.

“Bathroom mein raincoat pehen kar ke nahana, yeh kala to Doctor Saab hi jaante hain aur koi nahin jaanta hai (Only Dr Saab knows the art of bathing while wearing a raincoat in the bathroom).”

Senior Congress MPs in Rajya Sabha including Kapil Sibal and Renuka Chaudhary led a walkout of opposition MPs following Modi’s remarks. Rahul Gandhi came down heavily on Modi for “ridiculing his predecessor.”


(Source: Twitter/Office of RG)

Little would have Gandhi realised that his defense of Singh would backfire. BJP’s Irani also talked down the Congress for instigating disruptions in Parliament and not allowing the government to carry out its business.


(Source: Twitter/Smriti Irani)

I am assuming that many in the BJP still crack up when they think of that happening on 2013 in the final months of corruption-ridden United Progressive Alliance 2. While Gandhi was apparently trying to portray himself being on the side of the common man by censuring the ordinance, his actions were also seen as political harakiri as it brought discord between the government and the party out in open.

Here, check out the video of Gandhi and note the reaction of Maken,

(Source: Youtube/CNN News 18)

A larger question raised was who actually called shots in the government- the elected government or a family-controlled party leadership.

Whatever, his past blunders have come back to haunt Rahul Gandhi.