Rajasthan 'Gau'vernment has imposed 10% ‘cow protection surcharge’ on non-judicial stamp duty

Rajasthan is the only state to have a dedicated cow ministry.

Rajasthan government’s commitment to protect cows got another push today with the chief minister Vasundhara Raje ordered the imposition of 10 person cow protection surcharge on stamp duties on non-judicial instruments. This means all those people making rent agreements, mortgage papers and lease agreements will have to pay 10 per cent surcharge for the protection of cows in the state. However judicial judicial stamps, revenue ticket and insurance ticket are exempted from the order. This comes in the backdrop of increasing cow vigilantism in the state and the death of a Muslim dairy farmer after being beaten up by Gaurakshaks.

Here’s the full notification:

As stated in the notification, the surcharge has been imposed for the purpose of conservation and protection of cow and its progeny. It is interesting to note that Rajasthan is the only state in the country to have a dedicated cow Ministry. Rajasthan government has estimated that it needs a whooping Rs 500 crore to look after its entire bovine population. The cattle population is estimated to be 5 lakh in the state. Rajasthan’s cow ministry gets 11 per cent of the revenue derived from land registrations. Even Punjab government had last month gone ahead with cow protection cess applicable only in a few states. Citizen will be charged cess on automobiles and electronic items.