Narendra Modi no 1 in Kerala, beats CM Pinarayi Vijayan and MP Shashi Tharoor in Google Trends

What's your preferred choice for a search on Google? Narendra Modi's wallpaper, Pinarayi Vijayan's house or Shashi Tharoor's best speech?

Narendra Modi’s popularity since he became the Prime Minister has grown manifold but did you know that he is not just the most searched leader across India but statewise too. On analysing the results in Kerala, Google trends data reveals that searches for him are much higher than Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan or even Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor, who has a vast social media presence.

The google trends data, from the time period between 1 January 2017 to 29 June 2017, states that the Prime Minister has generated an interest with an average of 28 in Kerala while the CM has had just averaged 7 on the searches in his own state. Shashi Tharoor though has given the CM a tough fight in terms of searches with the MP having had an average of 5 in his name.

The data also gives us an idea about what type of searches have been done around these leaders. For the Prime Minister, the most searched keywords have been – ‘Modi’, ‘Narendra Modi’, ‘Modi news’. Along with these, the Prime Minister’s recent visit to the United States seems to have generated some interest too with ‘PM Modi US visit’ being the fourth most searched keyword under his name.

Also, what is interesting to see is that the elections in Uttar Pradesh also seem to have been a talking point in the state with ‘Yogi Adityanath and Narendra Modi’ being the fifth most searched keyword. While analysing the data on images, it has been found that wallpapers for Narendra Modi have been one of the key searches with the search keyword being ‘Narendra Modi wallpaper’.

The searches on the Chief Minister have mostly been centered around his name with ‘Pinnarayi’ and ‘Pinnarayi Vijayan’ being the most searched keywords. When it comes to image searches for the CM, one of the keywords turned out to be a search for his house, with ‘Pinarayi Vijayan house’ being the third most searched term.

All searches around Shashi Tharoor have been with his name ‘Shashi Tharoor’, reveals the Google trends data. Though he scored the least when compared with the other two leaders, Tharoor holds a considerable presence on social media. As far as individual searches on him are concerned, ‘Shashi Tharoor books’ and ‘Shashi Tharoor farrago’ are the 2 most searched keywords followed by ‘Shashi Tharoor twitter’.

On YouTube

Narendra Modi takes the lead in terms of searches on YouTube as well with an average of 10 as against Shashi Tharoor on 4 and Pinarayi Vijayan on 1. ‘Modi’, ‘Narendra Modi’, ‘Modi speech’ are the top 3 keywords. Modi’s speeches for the day are also widely searched with ‘Modi speech today’ being a key search word.

For Shashi Tharoor, there is no doubt that he is one of the best and most seasoned orators in the country currently. His speeches on varied topics are well perceived by people in not just India but abroad too. This is hence no surprise that his speeches are the most searched on Google with ‘Shashi Tharoor speech’ and ‘Shashi Tharoor best speech’.

What’s your preferred choice for a search on Google? Narendra Modi’s wallpaper, Pinarayi Vijayan’s house or Shashi Tharoor’s best speech? Tell us in the comments section below.

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