Muslim cleric slams Sakshi Maharaj, says if Muslims have wives then Hindus have mistresses

Firebrand BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj allegedly said that increase in Muslim population will lead us towards India's partition.

Known for his controversial statements, firebrand Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sakshi Maharaj has once again sparked off a row after he indirectly blamed Muslims for population boom while addressing a gathering in Meerut.

Maharaj also allegedly said that increase in Muslim population will lead us towards country’s partition. He also asked the government to implement Uniform Civil Code (UCC) as soon as possible.

Following the controversial statement, Haji Mohammad Salees, General Secretary of the All India Sunni Ulema Council (AISUC) lashed out at the BJP MP and said that he speaks about Muslims having four wives and 40 children but why doesn’t he speak about Hindus having mistresses.

Speaking to InUth, Salees said that Sakshi Maharaj is a leader who believes in spreading hatred but doesn’t believes in studying facts. “The BJP MP talks about Muslims having four wives and forty children but doesn’t utter a word about Hindus having mistresses. They have mistresses rather than wives and once even a survey had highlighted the fact that around 1.64 per cent Hindus had a mistress while only 0.46 per cent Muslims had more than one wife,” said the cleric.

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‘We have the concept of marriage, what about you?’

Slamming the firebrand BJP leader, Salees said that Muslims have the concept of marriage and that Islam safeguards women by providing the provision of marriage. But what about your culture? Can you say that Hindus don’t have mistress and is there any provision for them that safeguards the women? At least in Islam a women can claim the rights of a wife but a mistress can’t even do that.

Why doesn’t Maharaj do anything for polyandry?

Snubbing Sakshi Maharaj, the AISUC general secretary said that the BJP leaders speaks about polygamy but why doesn’t he highlight the polyandry concept which is still prevalent among Hindus in some parts of the country.

“For implementing Uniform Civil Code, Maharaj needs to highlight about polygamy, but he on the other hand is ignoring polyandry. Does he want to promote this culture in the country where a woman has two or more husbands at the same time,”asked Salis.

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Sakshi has challenged the Supreme Court

Blaming Maharaj for hate politics, Salees said that the BJP MP has defied the SC order which had barred invocation of “religion, race, caste, community or language” to seek votes in the polls. The cleric said that the Supreme Court and Election Commission of India should take cognizance of his statement and should initiate an action against him immediately since the Uttar Pradesh elections are around the corner.