Meet new CM of UP: 5 times Yogi Adityanath opened his mouth to blurt communal filth

A provocative video of the Gorakhpur MP exhorting Hindu men to marry 100 Muslim women, also went viral in 2015

Firebrand Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Yogi Adityanath is a surprising choice for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Adityanath, who is not a stranger to controversy, has always stayed in news due to his controversial remarks, especially against the people of minority community.

At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas, it is shocking to see Adityanath as a choice for the top job in India’s most politically significant state.

Here are some of the most controversial statements of Adityanath:

1. In 2016, Yogi said that India will be run according to the constitution and the legal system and not by Shariat laws. “Muslims who feel that Shariat is supreme can relocate to countries where the Shariat laws are supreme,” he said.

2. Targeting the minority community, the firebrand BJP leader once said: “There have been 450 riots cases in western UP in two-and-a-half years of Samajwadi Party rule because the population of a particular community is rising manifold. Why are there no riots in eastern UP? You can easily understand. In places where there are 10-20% minority population, stray communal incidents take place. Where there are 20-35% of them, serious communal riots take place and where they are more than 35%, there is no place for non-Muslims.”

3. On June 9, 2015, Adityanath declared that those who oppose Surya Namaskara as a part of Yoga can leave India. He stated: “My humble request to those who see communalism in even Sun God would be to drown themselves in the sea or live in a dark room for the rest of their lives.”

4. On Kairana ‘Exodus’ Yogi said that it is a very big issue for Hindus and that the BJP will not let western Uttar Pradesh turn into another “Kashmir”.

5. During the intolerance debate in the media, Adityanath compared Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed. He also said, “Shah Rukh Khan should remember that the majority population of the Country made him a superstar, and if they boycott his films, he will also have to wander on streets like rest of the Muslims.

6. A provocative video of BJP Adityanath exhorting Hindu men to marry 100 Muslim women if one Hindu woman is forcibly converted to Islam after marrying to a Muslim, also went viral in 2015. “If they take one Hindu girl, we will take 100 Muslims girls. If the government doesn’t do anything then Hindus will take matter into their own hands,” the MP from Gorakhpur had said.