Amethi murders: Did Jamaludeen murder his 10 family members? Or is he a victim of a bigger conspiracy

Few days back, a gruesome murder spree at a village near Amethi, Uttar Pradesh 'failed' to make it big in the national news.

Few days back, a gruesome murder spree at a village near Amethi in Uttar Pradesh ‘failed’ to make it big in the national news. However, the incident has left many shocked in the state. On January 4, a 45-year-old businessman Jamaludeen along with 10 members of his extended family were found dead. After police rushed to the spot and started investigating the murders, they came out with a theory that Jamaludeen killed his 10 family members and later committed suicide by hanging himself.

Though the police are continuing their investigation based on their theory with Jamaludeen as the culprit, a few things are indicating towards a larger conspiracy rather than just a case of suicide and murders. After talking to the local people and sources, it seems that Jamaludeen was either killed and later hanged or he was hanged alive by someone present inside the house on that fateful night.

It seems that police formed a theory of implicating deceased Jamaludeen to keep the case away from the limelight and eyes of the media. The reason that the police gave for their theory is that Jamaludeen took this extreme step due to poverty.

According to the police, Jamaludeen plotted the murders in advance and on the night of the murders he gave something to his family members to drink. After seeing that the members were unconscious, he used a sharp-edged weapon to kill all of them.

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Jamaludeen’s wife Zahida Bano (42), daughter Afsar Bano (17), and two boys survived the murder spree. Apart from his four daughters, those who were killed included the wife (Husna Bano) and two daughters of Jamaludeen’s elder brother Samsudeen, and his other brother Rahees Ahmed’s wife Tabassum and their two daughters.

The cops have collected the evidence and have sent them for forensic investigation. They are waiting for the reports to come to decide their future course of action. Meanwhile, it is also been alleged that the case is being covered up, here are a few points that indicate that Jamaludeen was killed and that he didn’t commit suicide:

1. As per the police theory, Jamaludeen killed his family members due to poverty, however, he wasn’t that poor. He has a 20×50 house and according to sources the shop which he had taken on rent to do his business was purchased by him a few months back.

2. After brutally killing so many people with knives, Jamaludeen had no blood stains on his hands, body or clothes. How is this possible? A person kills 10 people by slitting their throats and yet he has no blood stains?

3. A person usually hangs himself by using chair, cylinder, table etc. A person first prepares a ‘noose’, stands on something (chair, cylinder, table) and pushes it away by his feet.

In this case, a cylinder was seen a little away from Jamaludeen’s hanging body. If he used the cylinder to commit suicide, then it should have either fallen down or should have been below the feet of the deceased and not away from him.

4. If Jamaludeen had to kill everyone, he would have easily given poison to them. Why did he choose to give them sedatives instead?

5. According to the sources, the investigating officers claimed that the villagers have pointed towards Jamaludeen as the killer and the media has also so far reported the same. If the villagers believed the police’s theory then why did they set afire a car of a journalist for wrong reporting?

6. Though the police refused to share the details, sources say that the cops haven’t recovered any bottle from the spot which Jamaludeen might have used to make the victims unconscious.

7. Pleading anonymity, a villager while speaking to InUth claimed that on the night of the murders Jamaludeen’s neighbour had seen a car outside his residence and despite the electricity supply, a generator was started.

The question arising from this situation is that why will someone use a generator when the electricity is there in the house? Was the generator started to lower the noise level inside the house so that the ‘job’ of killing could be done easily?

Jamaludeen was a good and responsible man

Talking to InUth, a villager said that Jamaludeen was a good and responsible man and that these murders have sent shock waves across the village.

“Jamaludeen was a good and responsible man. He used to take care of so many family members alone. Ever since his one brother died and the other went missing, Jamaludeen took all the responsibility on his shoulders and he wouldn’t take such extreme step. The case should be investigated properly,” he said.

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Can’t say murder or suicide

Mohammad Hameed, the investigating officer (IO) of this case while speaking to InUth said that at this moment he cannot say that Jamaludeen was killed and later hanged or he killed the family members and later committed suicide.

“At this moment we are investigating the case and since so many murders were committed under one roof it is taking us time. I cannot say right now whether Jamaludeen killed himself or whether he committed suicide. One thing I can assure you is that in some time the truth of these murders will come out,” said Hameed.

Though we can assume that the investigators are doing their job properly, one thing that bothers is that if the IO is himself not sure about Jamaludeen, then why was he ‘declared’ a murderer right from the beginning of the investigation?