10 things every Indian would have on their Christmas wishlist this year

Take a walk down the memory lane as we reflect on the biggest events of 2016.

History class in 2048:
Teacher: So we are done with 2015, let’s move on to 2017.
Student: What about 2016?
Teacher: Shhh… We Don’t Talk About 2016!

2016 has been one hell of a year. We have witnessed several dramatic ups and downs (both political and otherwise) so much so that we can feel the exhaustion weighing down our shoulders. While most of us haven’t recovered from the shocking events of this year (Read: Donald Trump becoming the President-Elect), with still 49 days in hand, we made a wishlist for Santa this Christmas.

Here it is:

1 Give us our old 500 and 1000 rupee notes back. (Demonetisation)


India changed forever on the evening of 8 November 2016 when 500 and 1000 rupee tenders were declared invalid by PM Modi. With increasing length of queues outside the ATMs we can’t help but ask Santa to bring back old 500 and 1o00 rupee notes (or maybe, the new 2000 rupee notes).

2 Peace in our Paradise (Kashmir)

Kashmir’s condition deteriorated this year with an increase in the unrest in the valley after Burhan Wani’s death. One can’t help but pray for peace to return in our paradise again.


3 For electoral college to choose Hilary Clinton instead of Donald Trump for the President (US Elections)


It was a shocking moment for the entire world when Trump became the President-Elect of the United States. 29 states in the US have forbidden the electoral college from voting against their party candidate. So the hope of Clinton becoming the President is bleak.

4 Politicians who do not ask us to prove our nationalism (JNU Incident)


Smriti Irani’s acclaimed speech in Parliament against the anti-national slogans raised at JNU slammed Kanhaiya Kumar and Omar Khalid. We hope politicians won’t force us to prove our nationalism in 2017 as much as they did this year. *Bharat Mata ki Jai*

5 For a lesser dramatic version of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal has made several allegations against Narendra Modi, so much that he is now being dubbed as the Rakhi Sawant of Indian Politics. We hope we don’t get to hear “Ismei Modi Ji ka haath hai” as much in 2017.

6 For Modi to start speaking on things that matter


Our honorable Prime Minister has maintained his silence on several important issues this year (dalit atrocities, JNU, Dadri beef eating incident). We expect him to talk more about things that matter in 2017.

7 To not stand up for National Anthem in cinemas (Nationalism fiasco)


Recently, 12 people were arrested in Kerela’s International Film Festival for not standing before the national anthem. If 10 films are screened at a film festival, the audience is expected to stand 10 times. We really pray, our independence to choose our own moments of patriotism, is restored.

8. Less censorship in films
Udta Punjab, a film that raised questions about increasing drug abuse in Punjab, faced 94 cuts by the censor board, while the crass comedy Mastizaade passed sans cuts.

9 Lesser border conflicts
2016 was also the year when Indo-Pak conflicts intensified. With surgical strikes and multiple ceasefire violations, we hope 2017 would see better Indo-Pak relations.

10 No more of Section 377

India has a long way to go as far as the LGBT rights are concerned. With Section 377 still in force, coming out of the closet couldn’t have been harder. Sending out love, strength and hope to all the members of the LGBT community.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.