Out On Bail, Rape Accused Bishop Gets Warm Welcome

Bishop Franco Mulakkal was accused of raping a nun on several occasions for two years.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal, former head of Diocese of Jalandhar, who has been accused of rape, was given a grand welcome by his supporters. Days after being granted bail by the Kerala High Court, Mulakkal, who arrived at Bishop House in Jalandhar on Wednesday, was showered with flowers.

In September, the allegations against him were brought to the public domain after a 44-year-old nun accused him of raping her for two years on multiple occasions. It triggered a wave of protests across Kerala with five other nuns coming out in her support. The protests continued till 13 days after which Mulakkal was forced to resign from his post. He was later arrested by the Kerala Police.

However, barely a month after his arrest, Mulakkal was granted a conditional bail for which he got a rousing welcome outside Kottayam jail.

In the times of #MeToo, is this what India must be doing?