Onion Prices Are So High That Thieves Stole Onions Instead Of Cash From Bengal Shop

In cities like Kolkata, Chennai and Pune, the prices have peaked up to Rs 130 per kilo

Thinking twice before buying onions? Retailers in West Bengal might now do the same before stocking onions. According to a vegetable seller in East Midnapore district, he was robbed of several sacks of onions.

Akshay Das reportedly claimed that he found everything scattered in his shop when he opened it for business on November 26. Though the money was intact in the cash box, Das said the thieves had stolen onions worth Rs 50,000. They had also escaped with some ginger and garlic.

He told IANS, “They didn’t take a single paisa from the cash box”.

Rising onion prices

The price of onion in West Bengal crossed Rs 100/kilo on November 25, after hovering between Rs 70-80 for the past couple of weeks. This comes after Nashik, Maharashtra was inundated with heavy rains which resulted in large quantities of onion produce becoming rotten. Maharashtra supplies 70% of West Bengal’s onion requirement.

onion vendor

In urban centres like Kolkata, Chennai and Pune, the prices have peaked up to Rs 130. Such a surge in the price of onions has also led to people substituting onions with radishes and cabbage, thus bringing down demand. A vendor told ANI, “We are purchasing onions at Rs 60-70 per kg, and then selling at Rs 80 per kg in the market. So, due to the rise in price, customers buying only 250-500 gm onions now.”

Outrage over rising prices

Last month, two women in an Uttar Pradesh village got into a full-fledged fight after one of them rebuked the other for her inability to buy onions. Such outrage has been common on social media:

Earlier, the video of a farmer from Ahmednagar telling his woes also went viral.