#OMGOMG: The Tiktok Sensations The World Is Copying

“OMG OMG” has become one of the most popular phrases used on the Internet, thanks to these TikTok stars from Hyderabad. Bhargav and Nithyashree have become social media sensations through the videos on their TikTok channel FunBucket Bhargav, which has 4.4 million followers.

The videos which are funny takes of daily events are scripted by 25-year-old Bhargav. Nithyashree’s catchphrase ‘Oh My God’ has become so popular the Internet’s nicknamed her the ‘Oh my God girl’.
According to The NewsMinute, Bhargav, an aspiring actor, wanted to create a portfolio and decided to use TikTok as his platform. He shot a short film in his village which got him an offer from a YouTube channel.
On the other hand, 13-year old Nithya has already made inroads in acting with her big-screen debut with the Telugu film Care Of Kancharapalem (2018). The duo met each other a few months ago through a common friend and collaborated to make the TikTok videos.

Their popularity has crossed borders with foreigners copying their viral videos. Back home, Swiggy and Netflix have caught on to the trend and  used their catchphrase “OMG OMG” too