Odisha Tea Seller Donates Half His Income To Educate Slum Kids

Rao shot to fame after Narendra Modi spoke about him in a Mann ki Baat programme

When D Prakash Rao was a kid, he had no means to get an education. Being the oldest of his siblings, Rao had to support his poor family by helping out at his father’s tea stall.

Fifty-nine years later, Rao is still selling tea. However, what has made him popular is the fact that has been donating half of his earnings to run a school for underprivileged kids from the nearby slum. He started ‘Asha O Ashwasana’ in 2000 where 70 kids are being educated till Class 3. The school doesn’t only take care of educational needs of the kids, but also helps them with food, uniform and footwear.

According to Rao, he sees a reflection of himself in the school-going kids. He wants to realise his dreams by educating others.

Rao’s efforts were recently lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme on Sunday.