Now, Lord Ganesha Promotes Safe Riding In Bengaluru

A man dressed as Lord Ganesha gave helmets to motorcyclists in Bengaluru to spread the message of road safety.

It seems that Bengaluru Traffic Police can’t stop seeking ‘divine’ help to make sure its roads are safe for the public. First, it was Yamaraja, the ‘God of Death’ and now, it’s Lord Ganesha, the city police are now using unique road safety ambassadors.

Recently, a man dressed as Hindu god Ganesha distributed helmets to riders in Rajajinagar to highlight the importance of safety headgear.  It was inspired by the previous Yamaraja campaign which had become very popular on social media. Veeresh Muttinamath, the actor who played Yamaraja, was recently awarded Rs 10,000 for his contribution by the Commissioner of Police.

The initiative was a part of Bengaluru City Police’s campaign to spread the message of road safety. Till June-end, 2,336 accidents were reported, out of which, 330 were fatal. In 2017, 609 fatal accidents were reported out of a total of 5,064 accidents in Bengaluru.