North-eastern women harassed during football match as onlookers watch silently

The video shows fans of CFC riling up NEUFC fans - some of whom were women

A video showing north-eastern women being harassed by a group of boys during a football match in Chennai has gone viral on social media. The incident happened during a high-intensity clash between Chennaiyin FC and NorthEast United FC on Thursday at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium.

The video shows fans of CFC riling up NEUFC fans – some of whom were women. The video shows the supporters of CFC making obscene gestures and dancing in front of three women. A crowd gathers but nobody stood up to confront the one teasing and harassing the women.

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At one point when the harasser turns his back to the victim, one of the women can be seen pushing him away.

The video has created a furore on social media with both the teams equivocally condemning the incident. Meanwhile, actor and owner of NorthEast United FC, John Abraham has termed the incident deeply disturbing. In a statement on team’s official page.

“To the girl who was victimised by these insensitive and thoughtless people, we stand with you and you’ll never feel alone as you must’ve felt in that moment. I will personally meet you and make sure you are ok.”

He further slammed the ‘fans’ who harassed the women and called them ‘Fake’. “I know that Abhishek or myself would never condone this behaviour from our own true fans. I will find you and make sure you are punished and apologise for your behaviour.”

Chennaiyin FC also issued a statement condemning the incident. “Chennaiyin FC has a very strict and firm policy against racism and any unbecoming behaviour in the stadium.

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The club strongly condemns any such act. We are looking into any such incidents and will take strong action against it,” the team said in a tweet.