International Women's Day 2017: Why India needs to adopt Assam's Veerangana model to curb crime against women

The Veeranganas goes through a rigorous training process are trained in Chinese martial art called Wushu and can perform various stunts

When the entire nation is bothered about the street crime against women, Veeranga- India’s only all-woman commando platoon of Assam Police has become a success model for the rest of the state.

Veeranganas commandos are specially trained and raised to tackle the safety issues of urban women, and surprisingly this step taken by Assam police has made quite a difference within four years of their deployment in Guwahati.

As per the National Crime Records Bureau, Assam saw an increase in the number street crime against women in 2012. In July that year, the attack of a 21-year-old young lady by a group of men outside a bar on GS Road in Guwahati shook the country. The Assam Police learnt from this episode and the then DGP, Jayanto Narayan Choudhury, proposed the idea of setting up an all-women commando to deal with the crimes against women.

“Crime against women has reduced in Guwahati. As per the statistics in 2014, 97 rape case were reported but it came down to 80 by 2015 and was 65 in 2016. Due to the presence of Veerangana, there has been a sharp decline even in the eve teasing. Also by putting the “Veeranganas” in the security team of VVIPs and VIPs celebrities, especially women celebrities, we have got tremendous help,” claims police commissioner of Assam, Hiren Chandra Nath.

International Women's Day

Veerangana model in Assam

The Veeranganas goes through a rigorous training process, which is confirmed along the lines of the best commando in the nation. They are trained in Chinese martial art called Wushu along with different mixed martial arts and can perform different stunts in motorbikes, which are similar as the male commandos of the National Security Guard (NSG).

“We have been picked by the Assam Police and given special training for. Initially, 100 girls were selected through a selection procedure,” said Bobby Neog, one of the Veerangana commandos.

They are equally capable of speed riding and taking care of both lethal and non-lethal weapons. They are prepared not just to make a quick move against the crime against ladies but are also making women feel protected in the streets of Guwahati. Now not only women of all age group but women VVIP and VIP’s are ensured safety by this specially trained Veeranganas.