NCRB Data Shows Crimes Against Women Declined in Delhi, Highest in UP

Crimes against women in the country continue to rise for the third year in a row.
According to the latest National Crime Record Bureau’s Crime (NCRB) data,3.58 lakh cases of crimes against women were registered in 2017 against 3.2 lakh cases in 2015 and 3.38 lakh in 2016.

Uttar Pradesh recorded the most number of crimes against women (56,011), Maharashtra recorded the second-highest number, followed by West Bengal.
The crimes against women include murder, rape, dowry death, suicide abetment, acid attack, cruelty against women and kidnapping. Maximum cases were registered under cruelty by husband or relative’ (27%), reports The Hindu.
Delhi, however, saw a decline in crimes against women for the third straight year. As many as 13,076 FIRs were registered in 2017, down from 15,310 in 2016 and 17,222 in 2015, the NCRB report said.