#MuchWow: Bengaluru Buses To Turn Creches For Construction Workers' Children

Bengaluru, which is home to many daily-wage construction workers, is planning to make a change in the lives of their children.
The labour department plans to introduce mobile creches for the children of the construction workers, reports New Indian Express.

Old buses to become mobile creches 
The department will procure old BMTC and KSRTC buses, which will be converted into these mobile creches. The buses will be painted and made attractive by artists, and will have toys and books kept inside them. There are also plans to provide healthy snacks to these children. The buses will be close to the construction site so that their parents can keep an eye on them, reports New Indian Express.
According to the report, Chief Secretary T M Vijay Bhaskar has given a nod to procure 100 buses which will be used across the state, mainly in Bengaluru.

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Workers’ woes

The construction sector is one of the largest employers of labour in the country, and about 10% of the workers are women. The sector is heavily dependent on migrant workers, many of whom come to the city with their children, reports Scroll. With no other place to keep their children, the workers are forced to bring their children to workplaces and thereby the children getting exposed to harmful substances.

Similar initiatives
In July, the Haryana government has notified its draft rules to provide for the facility of creche to be mandatory at every private and public establishment that employs fifty or more employees.
Women’s participation in labour has continuously declined over the years. The female labour force participation rate is at 17. 5 % in 2017-2018 , lowest ever in the Indian history, reports Times Of India.
A study in 2017 had pointed out that the lack of facilitating factors – such as flexible work arrangements, institutional support for childcare (e.g. maternity leave, creches) actively contribute to women’s exodus from the labour force.