Most Indians assume we peddle drugs, make us pay more for essentials: Nigerians post attack

Nigerians who were brutally attacked have asserted that while some Indians are good, most them are bad considering the way Africans are treated in India

Just a day after Nigerians were thrashed in Greater Noida by a mob, one of them went on to explain how Indians treat them differently and also charge them more than what the cost of a particular thing in the country was. One of them suggested that some shopkeepers even charge them more than the actual price of the product.

While speaking to Quint, one of the brothers who were thrashed by a mob in Ansal Plaza asserted that some of Indians were good but most of them were bad. The two Nigerians, Endurance and Precious Amalawa were brutally beaten up by a mob who held them responsible for supplying drugs.

Refuting the allegations, Precious affirmed that he was truly disappointed with what the media was reporting nd the truth was that he had no drugs but only shopping bags and KFC bags that evening when he was attacked along with his brother Endurance. “You people spread fake news. They accuse us of carrying drugs. I only had shopping bags and KFC in my hands. How can I be selling drugs?,” Precious told the daily.

He further told the daily that even has to pay Rs 100 for every kg of gas adding some even pull away their babies from them. One of their friends even affirmed that Nigerians do not treat Indians the way they are treated when Indians visit their country.

Additionally, Association of African Students in India are reportedly removing India as an option to study and have been warning fellow Nigerians to come to India to study.

After the death of a class XII student seemingly due to a drug overdose, several Africans were attacked by mobs in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida area early this week, who assumed that the drugs were given to the boy by five Nigerians.

A video surfaced shows a mob kicking a black foreigner in Noida’s Ansal Plaza. The mob assaulted the man with stools, bins and whatever they can lay their hands on. Meanwhile, none of them came to rescue the victim.