Modi takes no offs, but here's how he is living it up #DesiSwag

His work is way cooler than all your expensive holiday packages.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn’t take holidays. The Prime Minister’s Office bragged about his 100 per cent attendance in office in an response to an RTI query.  However, there is no data available to compare his attendance sheet with those of previous prime ministers. The current PMO has no copy of such records. So it will be an exaggeration of facts if we called it unprecedented.

However, by no means it’s a mean feat. Some of the world’s most influencial leaders too take offs and go on holidays with their families.

Clearly, our PM’s energy and fitness levels are uncomparable. But when your are Modi, you don’t need holidays to relax and chill. Here’s proof that Modi is not missing out on any fun while really hard.

Celebrating Dussehra with all your besties and getting to take back all the toys after watching Ram Leela.

Photos courtesy: PTI

The independence to wear anything when on  an official assignment. 

Can you dress up like that when you are on your office tour?

#ModiTheRockstar #YoModisoCool

Flying down to another country just to wish your friend Happy Birthday.

And you don’t need chutti for that. It’s part of your work.

#FriendshipGoals #PreSurgicalStrikeDays

How can work be boring when Hollywood stars drool over your dialogue delivery with the entire US watching you Live.

#ThugLife #ThingsOnlyModiCanPullOff

Spending some alone time talking to Terracota Warriors in China.

Again while on work. #MeTime #Silence #MeditativeModi


This perhaps was the most fruitful moment of the visit. Rest you know China loves blocking us everywhere — UN, NSG everywhere. #GeoPolitics #MyTravelogue

Making sure your fitness regime is part of your job and the national policy

This is why PM Modi doesn’t have to take any sick leaves.

Who would want to take a day off when you  have such an adventurous job?