MNS files complaint against Kolkata based comedian for 'insulting' Chhatrapati Shivaji

Sourav Ghosh later pulled down the objectionable video following hate-messages on social media. However, MNS is not satisfied with a mere apology.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena ( MNS) known for its love for Marathi manus and their pride in Maharashtra’s glory is once again in news for filing complaint against a Kolkata-based stand-up comedian Sourav Ghosh for allegedly insulting warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji on social media platform YouTube.

On Monday MNS wrote to Cyber Crime cell to take action against Ghosh for using insulting words against Maratha Warrior Shivaji. This despite the fact that on May 4 Ghosh posted an apology on his Facebook page.

Ghosh had  uploaded a video of one of his gigs on his You Tube channel on February 27  . In the video Ghosh was joking about naming airport on Chhatrapti Shivaji. Later people started reacting to it on Facebook and YouTube for hurting their sentiments about king Shivaji . MNS also alleges that he made comment in YouTube comments  section which did not  go well with people.

On may 6  Ghosh had apologized  for his act .  He wrote, “I have been getting a lot of hate messages for one of the screenshots I had put up on my Facebook page where I said the worst things possible about Chhatrapati Shivaji. It all started when I put up a video called ‘Mumbai Airports’ where there was a small reference of Shivaji Maharaj (as the airport is named after him) to which I thought a lot of people overreacted…..Now I understand that what I thought was funny, may not be funny to most people. In fact the general consensus is that it’s crude and vulgar and that includes my family, colleagues, partners and friends. However, that was not my intent at all. I am taking down the post from my side because I understand the point and in no way do I want to incite any more hate,” Ghosh wrote.

Akhil Chitre, vice-president of the MNS youth wing, said, “We have demanded an FIR  against him as he deliberately tried to hurt sentiments through his video and his comments were also not good ” . Now Cycber cell officials are looking into the video and comments to see what action they can take if they find anything against law in his gig .