Meet The Dogs Who Travel With Their Hooman Parents

Divya Dugar, a proud pet parent and dog rescuer started travelling with Marcopolo and Tigress after she lost her first adopted dog

“We have a limited time with our dogs and I want to make the most of it,” says Delhi-based independent journalist Divya Dugar. Dugar realised the transience of her time with her pets the day one of the street dogs she had rescued and adopted never woke up from her sleep. It was a devastating experience. She and her husband together mourned her death for months and finally came up with a creative and unique way of dealing with the loss and healing their wounds.

Dugar is passionate about rescuing dogs and bringing them home. While she was still mourning the loss of Pondi, she decided to make best of memories with her two other dogs – Marcopolo and Tigress. What began was a beautiful journey for the entire family. Divya and her husband decided to take frequent trips across India with Marcopolo and Tigress on the toe. “I truly discovered travelling only after I started travelling with Marcopolo and Tigress. ”

Divya swears by the ease with which she can travel on Indian Railways’ first class tickets with her dogs. Her first trip with her dog was to Goa. Recently they travelled to Rajasthan and now plan a long holiday in Nepal.

Dugar shares with us the challenges of travelling with her pets – the biggest being judgmental glances of co-passengers. ” First, we don’t live in a very dog friendly country. Second, we don’t live in an ‘indie’ (dogs of Indian breed) friendly country. People are so used to fancy dog breeds, they ask me why couldn’t buy one of those? These remarks really upset me and I end up fighting with people.”

She also shares some interesting tips on how to travel with your pet.

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