Meet The Mom Whose Birthday Mumbai Police Celebrates Every Year

The woman, Lalita Subramanyam has been living alone in the city for close to three decades.

Lalita Subramanyam, 85, has been living alone in Mumbai for close to three decades. But for the past four years, the officials of a nearby police station have managed to ensure that she isn’t left alone on her birthdays. In a heartwarming gesture, officials of Matunga police station on Wednesday visited her residence with a cake to celebrate her birthday. Deputy Commission of Police, N Ambika was also present at the event.

In 2016, the officials threw they threw a surprise party for her. Since then, celebrating Subramanyam’s birthday, whom they fondly call Mom, has become an annual affair at Matunga Police station.

Lalita Subramanyam, a resident of Wadala in central Mumbai, has been living alone in the city. Out of her three children, two live in the United States, while one lives in Bengaluru. She is on local police’s list of ‘senior citizens requiring care and protection’. They also help her routinely with domestic chores, such as purchasing medicines and bank transactions.

Mumbai Police often comes up with such goodwill gestures meant to make citizens feel special. In March 2018, they fulfilled the wish of Arpit Mandal, a 7-year-old cancer patient, after appointing him the Police Inspector for a day.

In October 2017, they organised a surprise birthday cake for the complainant who came to lodge an FIR after his personal details revealed about his birthday.