Meet The Doggo Who Scaled A 23,000 Ft Himalayan Peak

Mera, a stray dog, is apparently the first canine to achieve the feat.

A stray dog managed to scale a 23,000 ft mountain after it befriended a group of climbers on a Himalayan expedition in Nepal, apparently becoming the first canine to do so. Don Wargowsky, who lives in Seattle, was guiding the group to Baruntse mountain, a peak south of Mount Everest when his team spotted the dog at Mera Peak, some 17,500ft up. Astounded by the dog’s endurance, the trekkers named her Mera.

Though initially, hesitant, Mera especially grew fond of Don and joined the expedition. While the humans moved slowly with their accessories, Mera clawed her way up swiftly, keeping calm even in face of danger. After descending the mountain, Don did not want to leave her on the streets. Thankfully, she was adopted by their camp manager Kaji who promised to take care of the dog.

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