Marry 4 times and withdraw Rs 10 lakh: J&K Congress leader's weird advice to Muslim boys

With a following of over 7,000 people on Facebook, Salman’s post went viral

Youth Congress leader and writer Salman Nizami dropped a bombshell on social media when he said that prospective grooms from Muslim community can withdraw Rs 10 lakh as four marriages are permissible for them at a time. The statement comes at a time when the demonetisation policy of the government puts a slab of Rs 2.5 lakh for withdrawing cash for weddings.

“Muslim male bachelors need not to worry, they can withdraw upto 10 Lac at an average of 2.5 Lac per wedding. 4 marriages are Jayaz in Islam, Sahi moka ha bhaiyooo !” he posted on his Facebook page, a few days ago.

With a following of over 7,000 people on Facebook, Salman’s post went viral. But what was surprising was that on Friday morning, he took off the post from his wall. Speaking to InUth, Salman said he deleted the post for “some personal reasons.”

However, he said that he stands by the logic that he gave behind the post, “legally it’s debatable,” he added.

Though some people took his comment in light vein considering it as “good humor in times of cash-drought”, others questioned him for ‘irresponsible’ statement.

A resident of Kashmir, Salman posted the comment during his stay in the national capital. He has often been seen rubbing shoulders with the leader of the opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad and other senior Congressmen in Delhi.

The Reserve Bank of India had given a relaxation to those who have weddings in their families to withdraw cash upto Rs 2.5 lakh from the banks for the expenditure.