Madras High Court asks why Jayalalithaa's body can't be exhumed

Speculation regarding foul play in the former TN CM's death has been going on for a while now and was kicked off by party loyalist claiming that she had been poisoned.

Adding to the already catching up speculation around the cause of Jayalalithaa’s death, a bench comprising Justice S Vaidyanathan and Justice Parthiban of the Madras HC today asked why the former TN CM’s body cannot be exhumed to find out the truth. Notices were issued to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and to other state and central governments.

Vaidyalingam also mentioned that while she was in hospital it was being said that she was on a proper diet and now after her death its high time the actual cause gets revealed.

According to ANI reports, Vaidyalingam said this while he was hearing a petition filed to know the cause of the former CM’s death.

Another PIL on the same issue is scheduled for hearing on the 4th of January. The petition for the PIL has been filed AIADMK cadre Joseph, who wants the high court to appoint a committee comprising three retired judges of the Supreme Court to carry out an investigation into the medical records and records of all the treatment given to Jayalalithaa. In the petition Joseph had asked the Centre to set up a commission to probe the death of Jayalalithaa, similar to the one that had been set up after Subhash Chandra Bose’s death.

While the hearing was ongoing, the bench recalled how a similar situation had arisen when M G Ramachandran had been taking treatment in the United States as well as India.

Speculation around Jayalalithaa’s death started with a party loyalist claiming that she had been poisoned.

Jayalalithaa underwent treatment for 75 days at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai.