#KeralaLovesTamilNadu: How Cops & Netizens Are Tackling Hate Campaign Between States

A video of a Tamil man fighting with a Malayali woman is being circulated on WhatsApp and it has led to people from both states exchange insults

Kerala is reeling under the worst floods the state has witnessed in the last century but a few have been trying to justify the natural disaster by saying statements like “the floods are a result of mass cow slaughtering” to “I think they don’t want our money, they need our prayers”. And now a video of a Tamil man allegedly fighting with a Malayali woman is being circulated on WhatsApp, which has led to several social media users engage in fights.

The “bizarre fight” has led to many youngsters exchange responses through hate messages and videos, insulting each other’s communities.

Because of the sheer number of such exchanges, Kerala police had to put up a warning on their Facebook page:

“Videos of a young Malayali woman and a Tamil man making statements based on a personal feud are being shared widely on social media. It has come to our notice that other people have started portraying these personal videos as a problem between the two states and have started posting videos challenging people from across the border.”

Though the origin of the purported videos is unknown, people on social media have come forward to collectively stop the hate campaign using hashtags like #KeralaLovesTamilNadu,  #TogetherWeShallOvercome and #WeLoveTamilNadu. They are also trying to remind netizens that Tamil Nadu was one of the first states to come to aid Kerala, donating Rs 15 crore as well as dispatching medicines and other commodities worth Rs 1 crore.

After the devastating floods in Kerala that have taken over 400 lives since the end of May, the state is now struggling to contain an outbreak of rat fever that has claimed 28 lives.