#KeralaFloods: Husband Of Nurse Who Died Of Nipah Donates Salary

He donated his first month's salary to the flood relief fund.

As Kerala continues to battle one of the worst floods to have hit the state in the last century, citizens have come together for rescue and relief efforts. People have swung into action, be it for offering donations or for registering themselves as volunteers. One such heartwarming gesture was done by the husband of braveheart Kerala nurse who died while attending patients.

Sajeesh, husband of Lini Puthussery has donated his first month’s salary to Kerala flood relief victims. “The government and people of Kerala stood by me and my two children in our worst crisis, and I wanted to make at least a token repayment of this huge emotional debt,” he told The Hindu. 

Sajeesh used to work in Bahrain. But after his wife’s death, he quit his job and came back to Kerala. He was then offered a job by the Kerala government. Lini, who worked extensively during the Nipah outbreak became a national hero. She died on May 21 and is survived by her husband and two children.

Kerala is battling one of the worst floods in the last 94 years. Those who are willing to help can contribute to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. If one wants to volunteer or seek information, they can log on to www.keralarescue.in