Karnataka Poll Results Inspire More Thanos Memes Than Avengers: Infinity War

BJP's got all the Infinity Stones. Or so says Twitter.

Thanks to a rather nail-biting ‘finish’, all eyes are currently on Karnataka. Will BJP come into power, or will Congress come through with a little help from Janata Dal (Secular)? So many questions, not enough confirmed answers.

Karnataka Assembly polls have been fraught with tension as the BJP brought in both PM Modi and Amit Shah to help bring in the votes in Congress’ stronghold. And BJP has indeed emerged as the largest party in this election but has fallen short of getting the 112 seats needed for a clear majority. With JD(S) playing kingmaker, Congress may just have one last ace up its sleeve as the two parties combined have a total of 113 seats.

Twitter, of course, lives only for the excitement, the adrenaline and the memes.