Just a fake marriage card won't let you withdraw Rs 2.5 lakh from banks. You need these proofs too

Submission of marriage cards is just one of the norms by the government to withdraw Rs 2.5 lakh from your account

Giving a much-needed relief to people who have a wedding planned in the upcoming months, the Narendra Modi government relaxed the demonetisation norms for them. This relaxation has given a breather to those who are actually in need those who do not have any weddings planned are also trying to milk the opportunity.

Reports have surfaced that card makers are getting several offers to print single cards. Cards have to be submitted as a proof to withdraw money from the banks as per Reserve Bank of India norms.

What these people are conveniently ignoring is that there are other rules too that the government has framed before you can get your hands on the hard cash.

Have a look at these:

## 1. A maximum of ₹ 2,50,000/- is allowed to be withdrawn from the bank deposit accounts till December 30, 2016. However, these can be withdrawn only out of the balances that were in the account as on November 08, 2016.

## 2. Withdrawals are permitted only from accounts which are fully KYC compliant.

## 3. The amounts can be withdrawn only if the date of marriage is on or before December 30, 2016.

## 4. Withdrawals can be made by either of the parents or the person getting married. But only one of them will be permitted to withdraw the money.

## 5. Since the amount proposed to be withdrawn is meant to be used for cash disbursements, it has to be established that the persons for whom the payment is proposed to be made do not have a bank account.

An application is needed for withdrawal along with an evidence of the wedding, including the invitation card, copies of receipts for advance payments already made, such as Marriage hall booking, advance payments to caterers, etc.

A detailed list of persons to whom the cash withdrawn is proposed to be paid, together with a declaration from such persons that they do not have a bank account should also be attached. The list should indicate the purpose for which the proposed payments are being made

The banks will have to keep a proper record of the evidence and produce them for verification by the authorities if and when needed.

But the all important question has been raised by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. What will happen to the joota-churai ceremony?

The government is trying its best to put in several checks so that only those on need get the money. How effective will these be is something to be seen. But furnishing all thoese documents is certainly not going to be a mean task, or so we hope.