ISI & D-Company's name surfaces in rail tragedies, Kanpur steps up probe

After increasing rail accidents in the country including two near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh has stepped up the investigation asking intelligence agencies to find out the connection of D-Company and Pakistan’s ISI in these tragedies.

A week back, Bihar Police had arrested three persons who had alleged that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and dreaded mafia don Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company were behind the rail accidents in Pukhrayan and Rura near Kanpur.

According to sources, the city is now on the radar of the intelligence agencies. The UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and intelligence agencies are monitoring the city’s D-Company connection. In a ‘confidential report’ sent to the Home Ministry by intelligence agencies, it has been mentioned that Kanpur is on D-Company’s target.

Kanpur has a ‘very old connection’

According to sources, Kanpur has been mentioned as a hypersensitive place in the report. D-Company has a long association with the industrial city of UP, local gang leaders of Kanpur have been closely involved with the Dawood Ibrahim’s established criminal syndicate.

The intelligence agencies are investigating this association and not only this, but even ISI spies and terrorists have been caught in Kanpur several times. Many gangs operate in the city as per the directions of the D-Company.

‘D-2 gang and D-Company’

The D-2 gang has a long association with the D-Company. It has been associated with it for over thirty years. The D-2 gang, Dawood Ibrahim’s most prominent representative in this part of India, continued to strike terror across UP and neighbouring states from their ‘headquarters’ in Kanpur till 2005.

The story of D-2 began in 1975, when Taufiq, who first led the gang, was booked for murder at Chamanganj police station in Kanpur. The gang, for the next six years, comprised of five brothers till Rafiq too joined them. He announced his inclusion in 1981 by murdering a police informer. A few years later he was heading the company.

“The intelligence agencies have focused on the D-2 gang once again, they have found that the gang members get in connection with Dawood and his associates. They are investigating this thoroughly,” said a police officer pleading anonymity.

Land grabbing and contract killings were the gang’s specialty. They were also associated with selling drugs and illegal arms. This gang is now weak, but D-Company still has its people in UP, and especially in Kanpur.

D-2 gang has presently more than 100 members. It is headed by Tyson these days and according to sources he is also under the radar of the intelligence agencies.

The other connections

Syed Abdul Karim alias Tunda

Syed Abdul Karim alias Tunda, was an alleged bomb maker of terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, and was accused of masterminding over 40 bombings in India. He was arrested by Indian authorities on August 16 at the India-Nepal border. He had connections in Kanpur and many criminals in the city took bomb making training from Tunda. The then DIG RK Chaturvedi had admitted that he had strong connections in the city.

ISI agents

Arrested ISI agents Imtiaz and Waqas had their connections in Kanpur. During interrogations, they had revealed that they had stayed in Kanpur and had gathered confidential information which they had sent to the ISI in Pakistan.