Indian Men, No More Nudies On Beaches, K'taka Women's Commission Is On You

Karnataka women's panel chief wants a dress code for men on beaches.

When it comes to having travel etiquettes, tourists in India aren’t exactly in the good books of the authorities. And thanks to their not-so-good behaviour, Karnataka women’s panel chief wants to put some restrictions on people at public places.

Annoyed over men roaming around nude on Gokarna beaches, NG Nagalakshmi, chairperson, Karnataka State Women’s Commission wants to impose a dress code on male tourists. In a letter to chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, Nagalakshmi has urged to increase vigil on beaches as “there have been instances of men in nude indulging in revelry and posing a threat to women”.

“Recently, I had been to the Gokarna beach where I saw nonchalant men roaming around in the nude. It is not just embarrassing for women and children but is also a serious security threat,” she said, reports The Times of India.

She added that men should wear proper beach attire like shorts so as to avoid any discomfort to others.

Gokarna Beach | Source: WikiCommons

There are many countries across the world which have nude beaches where visitors have the liberty to remain without clothes. However, in India, nudity in public is illegal under Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code and carries imprisonment of a maximum three months.

Meanwhile, unruly behaviour by tourists in the neighbouring state Goa on the beaches has always been a cause of worry for both locals as well as the authorities. In February this year, Goa Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai said that a majority of the domestic tourists visiting Goa are the “scum of the earth” and north Indian tourists want to create a Haryana in Goa. He also added that such tourists have no civic sense and create the maximum nuisance in the state.

In August, the state government imposed a ban on the consumption of alcohol on the beaches of Goa owing to the rise in the cases of drinking in public.

(Feature image is representational | Source: Indian Express)