In Today's Horrifying News, Meerut Schoolkids Say Warden Molests Them Dressed As A Ghost

The girls claimed "banshees" with their faces covered would often

In today’s creepy-news-of-the-day that will leave you stunned, students in a Meerut school have written to the district magistrate that their warden has been dressing up as a ghost and scaring them in the middle of the night. They also wrote about “banshees”, with covered faces, who would often molest them.

The Times of India reports that eight girls have written letters, describing their horrific experience. They claimed that the warden would cover her face and ‘haunt’ the premises in order to scare the children. The children, studying in classes VI, VII and VIII, also wrote that the “banshees” whose faces they couldn’t see had molested them on multiple occasions.

“She carries a perfume-like liquid with her and keeps spraying it on certain girls. She also whispers, pretending to talk to a girl that doesn’t exist. She pulls our clothes and at times even arms and legs but we do not budge or open our eyes,” a 10-year-old girl studying in class VI wrote. One teacher is supposed to sleep in each of the three rooms, which accommodates about 20 girls, but this rule is not followed, the girls claim.

A Class VIII girl alleged that the warden would often take a couple of girls outside the premises late in the night. The warden would also touch the student inappropriately, while the latter would pretend to sleep, hoping that it would stop.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

The report quotes sources, who claim that parents of a few girl students had tried to register a formal complaint, however, police reportedly refused to register the FIR. When InUth contacted the Mawana Nagar police station, station officer Dharmendra Singh said, “No cases have been registered so far but we will take appropriate action once FIR is registered.”

Social media would have none of it and immediately called for action against those involved.

The school is probably a part of a government education initiative under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan welfare programme, providing education to the girls from underprivileged sections of the society. The TOI report quoted the Meerut basic shiksha adhikari Satendra Kumar, who assured that a probe has been launched that will be headed by the authorities of the Kasturba Gandhi schools’ initiative.

Repeated attempts to reach several members of the Uttar Pradesh Education For All Project Board failed. This copy will be updated if we are able to get through to them.