In Lucknow, This Taxi Service Is Giving Free Rides to Voters

The Banglore-based organisation is offering free rides to polling booths to voters in Lucknow.

This poll season, we have seen several campaigns encouraging voters to cast their valuable votes. The latest to join the bandwagon is Rapido, India’s largest bike taxi.

The Banglore-based organisation is offering voters free rides to polling booths. During the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections, the bike service provider is offering free rides to voters in Lucknow. All you have to do is download the Rapido app and book a Rapido Bike using the coupon code ‘IVOTE’. The company said the offer will be applicable in Lucknow only during voting hours.”Rapido has introduced this facility to ensure that every voter is able to exercise his or her ‘Right to Vote’ the firm told PTI. The organization has also provided similar services in cities like Guwahati during the polls.

It’s not the first company to offer such services to encourage voters to vote. Last month, Ola cabs had launched a similar initiative in Karnataka wherein it assigned 270 cabs to the Election Commission to ferry differently-abled voters to the polling booth. Chennai Hotels Association had also provided a 10% discount on bills to customers who could prove they have voted.