How This Trust In Hyderabad Is Taking Care Of Patients' Kin Who Visit Govt Hospitals

Food and shelter for just Rs 10.

For the people who accompany patients while visiting government hospitals, food and lodging is a major concern. But not anymore because Hyderabad’s Seva Bharathi trust has come to their rescue. The trust provides both food and shelter at just Rs 10 to those who travel from far-flung places to be treated.

The facility acts as a huge respite to those who are unable to arrange for accommodation. All they need to do is to get their gate passes verified from the hospital

“We first verify that each person who comes are either patients or they are accompanying patients by checking the gate pass (given to them from hospitals). We check whether the people coming here have the gate pass and they have to provide ID proof. After verification, we provide them with the meals after collecting a maintenance charge of Rs 10,” Narsimha Murthy, secretary of the trust said.

The facility also serves as a resting place for attendants. They can comfortably sit down and rest at its premises instead of hanging around overcrowded hospitals.

“We used to face a lot of problems, but Seva Bharathi has helped us by providing shelter, a place to shower or rest because you can’t always stay with the patient. We rest for a bit and we also get two meals a day – in the afternoon and at night,” said one of the attendants.

We hope there are more such facilities in the country.