How This Ex-Armyman Used Military Stickers & ID Card To Commit Robberies

The suspended Army man has been involved nearly 18 robberies in Delhi Cantonment

A joint team of Military Intelligence (MI) and Delhi Police crime branch on Tuesday arrested three men including a Military Engineering Services (MES) employee for allegedly carrying out burglaries at the residences of Army officers in Delhi’s Cantonment area.

The rogue MES employee, Dharambir (54), was arrested in the intervening night of March 18 and March 19 along with his accomplices Deepak (30) and Dheeraj (22) near Dwarka Sector 1 in a white Hyundai i-10 while they were on their way to dispose of the stolen items.

How Dharambir successfully carried out a spate of robberies in Delhi Cantonment (Cantt) with the help of his associates is a tale you won’t forget.

Dharambir, a native of Haryana’s Jhajjar, was commissioned in MES in 1988 as a fitter general mechanic. He was arrested in 1995 after he got into a fight with an Indian Army Captain. But that was just the beginning of ‘uneventful criminal career’.

He was arrested again in 2009 for a robbery in Delhi Cantt and was lodged in a jail where he met Deepak and formed a gang. After coming out from the jail the duo started committing robberies at the residences of Army officers. Later, they roped in Dheeraj.

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In 2011, Dharambir was suspended from the MES for misconduct. However, he still had his identity card since he was not dismissed from the service.

He used to facilitate the entry of his accomplices, Deepak and Dheeraj, in the Army Cantonment by showing his MES identity card at the security checkpoints of the Army Cantt. According to a report by The Times of India, on being questioned by the residents of the complexes, he would say that he had some work as a serving MES employee. While he would sit in the car, the other two gang members would rob a house. The robbers ensured that they don’t stay at one house beyond 15 minutes.

The incident came into light after a series of daylight burglaries in the residences of senior Army officers were reported in the Cantonment area. The Military Intelligence (MI) after conducting preliminary investigation approached the Delhi Police crime branch for a joint operation to nab the culprits.

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The police have recovered a stolen LED, cameras, wrist watch, 15 silver vessels, a government ID card and a car he used in the crime.