How Kerala Is Thanking Its Heroes

A salute to those who braved the flooded waters to rescue others!

Rehabilitation and rescue operations are in full swing in Kerala after the state witnessed the most devastating flood of the century. But amid all such efforts, people of Kerala are thanking their heroes who stood with them during the crisis and ensured everyone’s safety. Not just defence personnel and NDRF officials even locals joined hands with each other to carry out rescue operations. And thanks to their valiant efforts, they are getting all the accolades from the public.

Indian Navy recieved a heartwarming message from a rooftop of a house in Kochi. Last week, they had airlifted a pregnant woman from that house and had taken her to safety.

Not just the defence officials, Kerala’s fishermen also played an active role. They worked round the clock to make sure no one is left stranded. Needless to say, they have become Kerala’s ‘unsung heroes’. In Chengannur, people lined up on the roads to salute them. In a video that is doing the rounds, a group of fishermen got heroes welcome from a crowd which chanted slogans praising them.