How 3 engineers brought electricity to this remote J&K village

The trio decided that it was time to change Breswana's pitiful condition

The quaint little village of Jammu and Kashmir called Breswana is still haunted by its militancy-hit past. Getting access to the village in a vehicle is difficult because the nearest motorable road is around 8 km. The only way to reach the village is through walking trails from the nearest town, called Premnagar, where vehicles can ply.

Electricity only stays in the village for about 6 hours per day, which makes education or livelihood a serious challenge.

However, three engineers decided that it was time to change Breswana’s pitiful condition. After volunteering at the Haji Public School – a school of first generation learners – in the village, Nagakarthik Mp, Prateek Shetty and Keerthi Sagar took it upon themselves to provide solar electrification to Breswana. This gave birth to SauraMandala (Hindi for solar system), an initiative that aims to provide solar electrification to remote areas in the country. For the first project, Team SauraMandala has successfully provided electricity to two branches of the Haji Public School.