COVID-19: Heartbreaking Photos Of The Price Policemen, Doctors And Common People Are Paying

When you talk about the cost of the pandemic, do not forget these people and the price they paid.

The world is in the throes of a pandemic, with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, claiming more than just lives. For many poor migrant workers who’re stuck far away from home with no job in hand or the assurance of it in the future, food, and the way home under lockdown, has proved hard to come by. Many have been unable to attend funerals of their own kin,_and parents who are the frontline fighting the pandemic, are unable to touch their own kids without sanitization.

We made a list of such incidents, lest you forget that the real cost of this pandemic cannot be measured without keeping them in mind:

1. So close, yet so far

The picture of a police officer having his meal outside the house as his daughter watches has gone viral on social media. The police officer was later identified as Inspector Nirmal Shriwas, SHO of Tukoganj police station in Indore. “Whenever I go home, I cannot even pickup my daughter. She just looks at me from a distance. I eat in isolation because even a small carelessness from my part could have grave impact”, the inspector told NDTV.

 2. Indore Doctors Attacked_


A shocking video of a team of doctors being attacked in Indore surfaced recently. The doctors who went to screen suspected coronavirus cases in the city, were pelted with stones by some local residents. Terrified and shocked, the doctors were seen running away. Dr Zakiya Sayed, one of the women doctors in the team, sustained injuries. However, not bogged down by the incident these doctors soon rejoined their duties.

3. Helpless Saudi Doctor Breaksdown_

The emotional video of a doctor in Saudi Arabia breaking into tears after stopping his son from hugging him, has gone viral.
In the video, the child runs to his father joyfully to hug him when he comes home,_but the doctor stops him from coming forward. The video has garnered over 12 million views.

4. Stranded, with no food


This distressing video of a child sobbing after being stranded and being unable to go back home, is one of the many heartbreaking stories to come to fore since the lockdown began. With migrant workers one of the worst-hit sections of the society, and no means to make their situation better, their plight has been making headlines ever since.

5. Without bidding adieu

Thirty-year-old Lino Abel could not attend the last rites of his father and had to watch it through a video call. The Kerala man had returned from Qatar in a rush after his father was hospitalised, but as a lot of positive cases had been reported from Qatar, Lino was quarantined and kept in an isolation ward.