Gujarat Elections 2017: How BJP and Congress are battling it out

For every image of Amit Shah eating a Gujarati thali, there is an image of Rahul Gandhi drinking tea in a bronze container

Both BJP and Congress are leaving no stone unturned to impress the people of Gujarati ahead of Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017. Social media is overflowing with videos and images
wherein the leaders are targeting each other.

For every photo of Amit Shah having a Gujarati thali, there is a photo Rahul Gandhi sipping tea in a bronze cup. While Congress is campaigning in the state with the tagline– ‘I am a true Gujarati‘, BJP’s ad campaign talks about development– ‘I am Vikas, I am Gujarat‘. Then there is the Patidar community, which poses a huge threat to the BJP rule this time.

For BJP, it’s a matter of pride and retaining its crown jewel, for Congress it’s about breaking new grounds. Who will rule over Gujarat?