Guests Smashing Plates, Beating Staff Over Food Shows Ugly Side Of Weddings

The hotel staff told the police that the guests were drunk

On February 10, guests at a wedding in Piccadily, a five-star hotel in Delhi, smashed crockery in the kitchen, beat up hotel staff in the service area and destroyed furniture. The guests were reportedly angry over the quality of food being served and rather than complaining about it, took matters into their own hands.

The hotel’s general manager, Rajesh Batla, claimed that the guests were drunk and numbered to around 400. He also alleged that they misbehaved with the hotel’s female staff. He told HT,

“It was past midnight and only around 50 of them were left at the hotel. The groom and his friends got drunk and began dancing. They began misbehaving with our staff. Four of our staff suffered head injuries.”

A video posted by one of the chefs working at the hotel has gone viral. The police have since detained two guests and a staffer for disturbing public peace and destroying hotel property.