Google Maps helps police get a little girl home

The cops used Google Maps to zero in on Kol village

Do you remember how Google Maps helped Saroo Brierley from the movie ‘Lion’ to reunite with his family in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh? In a similar incident, it recently helped in reuniting a little girl with her family.

A 7-year-old girl went missing from a wedding in Delhi on November 29. She was spotted by a constable who took her to Malviya Nagar police station. Even though the police questioned her for hours, she couldn’t explain them about her the whereabouts of her parents or the place she belonged to.

However, she told police it took her about 4 hours to reach Delhi. The police then chalked out a perimeter using Google Maps and zeroed in on Meerut city, following which the cops used the app to locate her village and get her home safely.