Firecracker sale ban: These 3 arguments are being most used on Twitter against the SC order

Twitter reactions criticising Supreme Court order banning sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR region

The Supreme Court’s ban sale of fire crackers in Delhi-NCR has Twitter divided. While many welcomed the apex court’s order hailing it as a much needed measure to curb deteriorating air quality in the capital, others criticised the decision citing a number of reasons. Of them, three were most discussed.

1) Communal: Many social media users tried to add communal colour to the SC order questioning as why such stringent rules are made for the festivals of Hindus. Noted author Chetan Bhagat expressed his disapproval over apex Court’s order and questioned why only Hindu Festivals are being targetted. Chetan said that banning crackers in Diwali is like banning Christmas trees on Christmas and goats on Bakr-Eid. Here are some of the arguments doing rounds on social media.


2) Judicial Overreach: Other social media users also described the order as a case of judicial over-reach. Senior Journalist Shekhar Gupta said the SC ban is troubling as it’ll draw copycat demands on other faiths’ festivals.

3) Impact on Industry: A section of users vented their ire over the SC ruling saying it will cripple Indian firecracker industry and would render many labourers and traders jobless

4) And then there were some who slammed the decision for plainly bizarre reasons

The top court today restored the order suspending all licences which “permit the sale of fireworks, wholesale and retail within the territory of NCR”. The SC’s decision came amid growing concerns over the impact of pollution created by firecrackers. Each year, the festival leaves the air in Delhi thick with smoke and pollution.