Does Delhi know its Fundamental Duties?

Happy Republic Day folks!

As Indians, we are vocal about our rights and what the government should do for the citizens. But have we ever wondered, the Indian Constitution, which guarantees us the seven fundamental rights including right to privacy and right to equality, also prescribes ten fundamental duties for the citizens?

In case you have forgotten, here’s the list of fundamental duties as listed in the Constitution of India:

1. To oblige with the Indian Constitution and respect the National Anthem and Flag.
2. To cherish and follow the noble ideas that inspired the national struggle for freedom.
3. To protect the integrity, sovereignty, and unity of India.
4. To defend the country and perform national services if and when the country requires.
5. To promote the spirit of harmony and brotherhood amongst all people of India and renounce any practices that are derogatory to women.
6. To cherish and preserve the rich national heritage of our composite culture.
7. To protect and improve the natural environment including lakes, wildlife, rivers, forests, etc.
8. To develop scientific temper, humanism, and spirit of enquiry.
9. To safeguard all public property.
10. To strive towards excellence in all genres of individual and collective activities.

Ahead of the 69th Republic Day, inUth took to the streets of Delhi to find out how well Delhites know their fundamental duties.