Do You Know How Holi Got Its Name? Let These Cute Illustrations Tell You

Holi is upon us! While you go crazy splashing colours and water balloons on each other, let these illustrations tell you the significance of Holi

From playing with colours and water balloons to hogging on food, Holi can mean something different to everyone.

But while the festival is widely celebrated, and most people are aware that it is meant signify the triumph of good over evil. However, do you know where this myth comes from and where Holi get its name from?

Let these simple illustrations by artist Raj tell you the story behind the festival of colours:

  1. Once upon a time, there was a dude called Hiranyakashyap

2) King H was in need of a bit of TLP (tender loving prayer) from his praja

3) Sadly, King H was left at seen by his son Prahlad

4) This made the Dude Overlord angry

5) So much so that, he did a Game of Thrones on his own son


6) But Lord Vishnu had cast a shielding spell over Prahlad

7) Annoyed, King H roped in his sister Holika to help him

7) Holika Bua was pretty cool, being immune to fire and all, but sadly inclined towards nepoticide. 

8) Hiranyakashyap’s sis H did a Cersei and went a little wild with fire.


Photo: Facebook | Raj

Photo: Facebook | Raj

9) Unfortunately for her, Lord Vishnu’s shielding game was strong and Holika ji went from fire to ashes, and from ashes to dust.

10) RIP sis Holika!

Now you know. Have a happy and safe Holi everyone!

You can follow Raj and his awesome illustrations here