#DeathByBathtubs: A Public Service Broadcast On Bathtubs In Light Of Sridevi's Death

Dear Indian Media, can you please let Sridevi rest in peace?

The news of Sridevi’s death brought out the worst side of Indian media. Reporters not only hawked the family members and co-stars of the iconic actor for quotes and reactions but they also tried to ‘decode’ the mystery behind her death. In their pursuit of truth, these able reporters turned a simple bathtub into something sinister, something that could be used for killing people.

From projecting the bathtub as a murder weapon to decoding the murder-mystery by lying inside it, these reporters didn’t stop at anything while reporting the tragic death of Sridevi.

As the nation mourns the death of the legendary actress, we request the Indian media to #LetHerRestInPeace.